Here’s what some of my clients had to say about their experience working with me:
  • “Jordan is the first producer I met online. I would say he is the master of his work. He is so friendly while working on any project, you can speak up your exact state of mind.”

  • “I can’t properly express how much I love the final product. Book him before he gets too busy with all the A-listers.”

    —Kai Kazi
  • “…the whole production experience was smooth, organic, and easy. I look forward to working with Landlocked Beats for many more years to come.”

    —Andreas Tabu Muntu
  • “Jordan enthusiastically took on the task, and came through marvelously! I love his efficiency, attention to detail, and positive energy. I would definitely work with [him] again!”

    —Tiffany Ponce
  • “As this was my first experience back in the studio in a very long time, I wouldn’t have wanted it to be anywhere else. It was the PERFECT experience!”

  • “I could not more enthusiastically…encourage any artist to forge a working relationship with this man.”

    —Jobe Amadi
  • “Jordan…made me feel like a friend…We worked hard…the song pretty much came together, and it was just awesome!”

    —Sir Magnus

  • “Jordan est un réalisateur de très haute qualité et son ascension ne fait que montrer le bout de son nez. Il donne vie à mes chansons…”

    —Denis Leboeuf
  • “The songs we’ve worked on…meet perfectly with the weirdness required for me to create my own piece of art!”

  • “Jordan produced a professional, high-quality instrumental, which is everything I wanted and more.”

    —Kara Evelyn
  • “Jordan is a complete music genius…he’s produced nothing but true pop masterpieces for my debut record!”