Custom Beats

Looking for a specific sound?

I’m a music producer and composer with years of experience and one goal—I want to bring the sounds from your head to your headphones. If you’re a Pop, EDM, R&B, hip-hop or general musician in need of an instrumental composition, I’ll not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

To do this, I take your artistic ideas and influences, and use them to create completely customized, 100% unique instrumentals. Seriously, if you’ve at least got a feeling for what you want, let’s talk about it and get you some original music. Even if it’s a blend of a few different songs or styles, there’s no need to worry—I’ve got you covered.

Additionally, I’m known for my ability to compose a piece of music around a single A Capella vocal part. So, if you’d prefer to start with the lyrics and vocal melody, I’ll come up with complimentary chords and music that not only appeal to you, but your listeners, as well.

Email to tell me more about your project and to get a quote. Let’s make some music!

Examples of Custom Beats: