Sir Magnus gets Landlocked!

By Jordan on May 22, 2014 in Blog - 0 Comments

Check out this video from the talented Sir Magnus who I’ve been working with over the past few months. At 5:44 he talks about his experience coming to Montreal and working with me in the studio (and eating his first poutine)!

The opening song is the instrumental version of the tune we made, can’t wait until he releases the full version!


Finding Freedom In Music

By Jordan on Apr 08, 2014 in Blog - 1 Comment

I was just listening to Ride by Lana Del Rey for the 17 billionth time, and felt compelled to write about it. Something about that song, and her music in general, triggers extreme nostalgia in me, and a longing for a life I once lived in a different world, or perhaps have yet to live in this one. Every listen is the same. The music, lyrics, her hauntingly beautiful voice combined with the desperately blissful video inspire the urge in me to drop everything, get in my car and drive until I see a different side of the sky. It’s hard to explain exactly why I get this feeling, but I think it has to do with the moments in my life in which I’ve experienced the same emotions as Lana’s character in this song. Not an identical situation certainly, but these experiences were the only times I can say I’ve felt the true sensation of freedom. That my problems don’t matter, and they may never matter again. And even if they do, they’re the furthest thing from my mind.

Does this song give you the same feeling? What song makes you feel free? Leave it in the comments!


Landlocked Beats has a new look!

By Jordan on Mar 12, 2014 in Blog - 0 Comments

Hoodie with Logo

Welcome to the new and improved! There are tons of new additions that make buying beats and keeping up to date much easier.

There are a bunch of brand new beats at the Beat Store which you can now browse by genre.  You can also select your license options and purchase them right through the player. Have a listen and please send me feedback!

If you’re looking for something very specific, my Custom Beats option is always available. Please contact me at to tell me more about what you’re looking for and to get a quote. If it’s free beats you’re after, all you have to do is join the newsletter to get yours immediately!

In addition, I’ll be updating my blog regularly with tons of important information and helpful advice for artists on a variety of topics including:

  • Protecting your music
  • Getting paid for radio play
  • Vocal technique advice from the pros
  • DIY tips for inexpensive and professional home vocal recording
  • Ideas on how to choose the perfect producer for YOU

Join the newsletter to keep up to date with all of these topics and much more. 2014 is off to an exciting start already, let’s keep this party going!